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Presentations ICMI 2014, Bridging the Gap

On these pages you will find the powerpoint presentations as delivered during ICMI 2014 in Amsterdam.

They are grouped according to the Agenda of the conference, as listed on this website and as printed in the ICMI handout. We are aware that the ICMI Planning Group made some last minute adjustments to the Agenda, so the actual sequence of sessions was a bit different from the printed Agenda (and the one on the website). So, while looking for any specific session or presentation, please refer to the printed ICMI handout and the Agenda as listed on this website.

You will notice that not all ICMI sessions have their presentation(s) available on this website.

This can have a number of reasons:

. Some sessions, especially the Discussions/Experiential ones, did not use (powerpoint) presentations.

. Some presenters chose not to make their presentations publicly available.

. Some presenters might simply have forgotten to leave their presentations for us to publish. If you recognize yourself in this last category and still would like us to publish your presentation, then do not hesitate to send us your presentation via email, and we will gladly add it to this website.

No presentations are available on this website for the English language Pre-Conference workshop.

The presentations from the Dutch language Pre-Conference workshops have been made available to the participants of the Dutch language Pre-Conference only. They have been informed via direct email about where and how to view them.

Links to the presentations

Please click on the day of which you would want to view the materials.

ICMI 2014 Day 1

ICMI 2014 Day 2

ICMI 2014 Day 3

Please note: if a link is not active, it means that we are uploading/updating materials.

Respect copyrights

On behalf of the presenters, we would like to point out that by entering the presentation pages, you agree to respect the copyright of the authors and presenters regarding the published materials.

In case you do not intend to respect their copyrights, then do not enter the viewing pages.

Thank you for complying to these simple but fundamental conditions.

Viewing of PowerPoint presentations

You will be able to view the PowerPoint presentations on the next pages of this website in the size as they are presented to you. Simply click the forward or back button to browse through any presentation.

Please note that the full-screen presentation modus will not work! This function has intentionally been switched off, to prevent presentations being shown by an unknown visitor of this website, to an unknown public. Thank you for your understanding.