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4th International Conference on Motivational Interviewing (ICMI)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
June 16-18, 2014

Conference Theme: Bridging the Gap (between MI Practice, Evaluation and Research)

Bridging the Gap I: From Research to Practice

ICMI 2014 offers presentations on empirical studies of MI as an intervention or therapeutic method. 

Examples include efficacy studies, controlled clinical trials, comparative trials, mechanisms of action, and adaptations of MI for various goals, settings or target behaviors.

The goals of this theme are to share the current state of the science regarding MI as a clinical method and to bridge the gap between research and practice by focusing attention on practice implications of research.  Presentations may be followed by invited discussant reflections from a practitioner perspective.

Bridging the Gap II: From Practice to Research

ICMI 2014 offers presentations on issues related to MI practice, including program development, staffing, implementation, adaptation and evaluation.  A variety of perspectives will be considered, including administrative, practitioner, client, and relevant stakeholders such as policymakers and funders of services. 

Examples include effectiveness and implementation studies, training studies, utilizing client feedback to guide practice, case studies of organizational change projects, measurement issues in clinical practice, incorporating clients as program consultants, and eliciting practitioner guidance of hypotheses for investigation.

The goals of this theme are to share current knowledge regarding MI in practice settings, identify tools for measurement of MI practice, increase incorporation of practitioner and client perspectives and experiences, and identify areas for future study in the practice of MI.  Presentations may be followed by invited discussant reflections from researcher and client perspectives.

Bridging the Gap III: MI and Related Science

ICMI 2014 presentations on theories and research areas that are generally outside of the realm of MI, and yet inform MI or could be used to inform future developments in MI.

Examples include theory or research in motivation, neuroscience, interpersonal interactions, positive psychology, self-determination theory, empathy, health behaviors, addiction, values, cognition, and so on.  Presentations on related clinical approaches that may overlap or complement MI are also welcome, including presentations on client-centered therapy, ACT, DBT, CBT, Narrative Psychotherapy, Appreciative Inquiry, and Participatory Healthcare. 

The goals of this theme are to increase engagement of MI scholars with broader scientific initiatives and ground MI in other related areas of study. Presentations may be followed by discussant reflections from invited MI conceptual and practitioner perspectives.

Call for abstracts

The Call for Abstracts is closed.

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ICMI 2014 Agenda

The ICMI 2014 Program Agenda can be viewed here.

Please note: The schedule is tentative; titles are abridged; sessions may be reconfigured or reassigned, discussants may be added.

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