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Supporters of ICMI 2014

The Scientific Committee is proud and grateful to have a large number of individuals and organizations supporting us.

Below you will find a list of those, without whom we couldn’t have offered already our 4th conference to a wide range of scientists and practitioners, to exchange ideas about the implication of research outcomes for further improving the quality and effectiveness of Motivational Interviewing.


The Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) continues in 2014 its much appreciated support to our biannual scientific conference.

Leger des Heils

The Dutch branch of the Salvation Army, department of Youth Care & Probation, supports ICMI 2014 by providing hands-on support via two of its staff members for preparation and organizational support, and by taking care of some of the organizational work behind the scene. 

Dutch members of MINTNed

A group of members of MINTned, the Dutch association of MI trainers, are supporting ICMI 2014 by providing input for ideas to shape the conference and by doing all kinds of practical tasks behind the scene.

Centre for Motivation and Change

The Centre for Motivation and Change (CMC) provides its services to run the ICMI Secretariat. Operational support is given during preparation and the actual conference. Voluntary coordinating tasks will be donated as well.


Ekklesia Publishers supports ICMI 2014 through, at minimal cost, providing an abstract book for participants in the conference. They will also provide MI literature for sale on location during the conference days.

MI 1% Fund

ICMI would like to encourage you to join us in our support of the MI 1% Fund. This fund aims to donate a small percent of your income directly into efforts to help one of the most vulnerable and unjustly treated group of people on earth: children who are dying of HIV/AIDS and TB.

ICMI 2014 will buy conference badges from one of the projects supported by the MI 1% Fund. Please help us, support them and visit their website.

ICMI 2014 Scientific Committee

Timothy Apodaca             USA
Rory Allott                         United Kingdom
Anne H. Berman               Sweden
Jean-Bernard Daeppen    Switzerland
Paul Earnshaw                  United Kingdom

Gian Paolo Guelfi              Italy
Karen Ingersoll                  USA
James McCambridge        United Kingdom
William R. Miller                 USA
Sylvie Naar-King               USA
Stephen Rollnick               United Kingdom
Gerard Schippers              The Netherlands

ICMI 2014 Program Planning Committee


Cristiana Fortini

Lausanne University Hospital,


Joel Porter

Goldbridge Rehabilitation Services, Australia

Canberra University, Australia

MINT Inc Board of Directors

Stephen Rollnick

Department of General Practice,

Cardiff University, UK

Chris Wagner

Virginia Commonwealth University,

Richmond, USA


Rik Bes

CMC | ICMI Secretariat, The Netherlands


Rob d’Hondt

RdH Training

Chair, MINTned, The Netherlands

Hilde Jans


Vice-Chair, MINTned, The Netherlands


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